How Can We Assist You?

The network of consultants at J.F.B Consulting brings best in class hands on experience with the goal of providing pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies with an unparalleled level of service and dedication.

Our network of consultants has successfully launched multiple products in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

We are experts on the EU and North and South American markets, and we stand ready to help, regardless if you are a small start-up or a large pharmaceutical firm, by bringing your innovation to the end user. The hallmark of our success is our outstanding customer satisfaction and that we work in a smarter and more cost-efficient way than others.

We take pride in providing, above all else, reliable guidance to clients of all sizes.

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Strategic AND Operational – Our Expertise

Strategy & Marketing

We provide a full service approach to your organization’s needs by creating your marketing and sales strategy, pre-launch to post-launch and beyond. We can provide guidance for lifecycle management and support in pursuing line extension strategies. We will be your support throughout the process and offer guidance in making key decisions.

Facilitation has always been an important part of strategy work to achieve results in work groups, organizations and project work. In a world where remote work is more important than ever, digital facilitation as well as physical facilitation at traditional meetings, has become a necessary skill to achieve meaningful results and not waste precious time. We at JFBC have extensive experience in facilitating various meetings in order to optimize the time spent and achieve results at the meeting.

Creative Agency

We can help you develop the tools you need to accelerate your commercial messaging. It can be to develop a product profile from scratch or adapt your existing material to fit  local regulatory requirements. With our in-house  creative agency and clear understanding of local  regulatory requirements the development of  commercial material has never been smoother. Our team is experts in:

  • Development of Education and Sales material for commercial and medical team
  • Video and 3D animation
  • Web and Digital
  • Infographics

MARKET RESEARCH & Health Economy

Having a robust value proposition is key for success. We can help you with guidance to provide scientifically rigorous and commercially relevant strategies and evidence that define and amplify the value of your innovation. Our consultants leverage our expertise in health economics, epidemiology, patient-reported outcomes, payer engagement, pricing, and market access, to provide compelling evidence for providers, payers, and other key decision makers across the innovation lifecycle. We can also help you with qualitative and quantitative market research.

Market Access & Pricing

A strong understanding of local regulations and processes is key when planning your timelines for access and establishing price for your innovation. Our consultants have strong local market expertise of AMNOG-, NUB-, NICE-, AMGROS- & TLV-processes etc. and unrivaled access to industry thought leaders both in the EU and the Americas. We can support you in mission-critical pricing needs and help you solve your challenges when developing local strategies that drive competitive market advantage.

MEdical Strategy

Medical Strategy has always been an important focus are for the JFBC team. We are experts in KOL mapping and KOL development, which have led to that JFBC run and facilitates best in class Ad Boards that help our clients really understand the landscape and needs from healthcare professionals, payers and patients.

We will be your strategic partner and support throughout the whole process and offer guidance in making key decisions.

Sales Force Education

We can provide tailor-made education programs for your frontline sales organization and identify subject matter experts to assist in delivering the information.


We provide assistance in determining the optimal solution and depending on your need, provide ideas whether to support your existing sales force or identify a flexible sales force to support your innovation, either way, we have the solution for you.


JFBC has extencive hands on experience of establishing / supporting launch organizations and key functions. A critical part of this is the supply chain. We at JFBC have experienced supply consultants who can work with your existing supply team to provide guidance on how best to set up the supply chain for the different markets and knowledgeable of specific local regulations and requirements. By utilizing JFBC expertise we will help you navigate the critical path and ensure you can set up the supply chain in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

Product Planning & OPERATIONAL SET UP

We have a solid track record of early commercial strategy through launch execution and lifecycle planning across various therapeutic areas. From this we have built best practice knowledge obtained from a wide range of companies in the Life Sciences industry, ranging from the best ways to work in ”Big Pharma” to cost-effective approaches from smaller biotech / medtech start-up’s.


Our consultants have covered a spectrum of therapeutic areas and launched and marketed products in a variety of countries. We are accomplished at tailoring strategy and materials by country to address the local nuances of care delivery and reimbursement.

Some examples of the areas we have experience in:


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