All our partners/consultants have ”hands on” expertise in the Life Sciences industry having worked at large and small pharmaceutical or medical device companies. This assures they understand the issues and challenges since they have real world experience.

Our network of consultants has successfully launched multiple products in a broad range of therapeutic areas. We are experts on the EU and North and South American markets, and we stand ready to help, regardless if you are a small start-up or a large pharmaceutical firm, by bringing your innovation to the end user. The hallmark of our success is our outstanding customer satisfaction and that we work in a smarter and more cost- efficient way than others.

Based on the project and your goals, we will bring in subject matter experts to work with us to assure delivery of the best ideas to reach the optimal solution.

Our goal is not to do what many traditional consulting firms do, which is deliver a set of PowerPoint slides or a big ”report” at the end of a project and say ”this is what you theoretically should be doing, good luck,” our goal is to be ”hands on” partners/ resource for you and together with you identify and work with you on specific projects addressing strategy, marketing and sales.

We want to help your organization to focus on, and understand the need and value of your product for the real end user.

Our goal is not to bill you as many hours as possible, instead our goal is to use our experience to help you avoid the obstacles and difficulties that exist, so that you can do it right the first time. This will minimize the hours you need for a project and there- fore achieve your goals faster and in a more cost-efficient manner.

All JFBC’s engagements are priced on a fixed fee basis, this to give you confidence in what the project will cost you and you can work with us as a true partner and not worry about cost by the hour every time you want to meet or speak with us.


To be the consulting firm of choice, in the Life Science space, for small and midsize Biotech and Medtech companies based on demonstrated success in new product launches and business planning in the EU, North and South American marketplace.


To assist companies in the Life Science industry to introduce and/or grow their innovations, in a smarter and more cost- efficient way in the EU and/or North and South American geography.